CHA Learning and HealthCareCAN Member Scholarships

For many HealthCareCAN members, the annual CHA Learning Member Scholarship (used towards any CHA Learning program of a Member’s choice ) is one of the most valuable benefits of membership. More and more, members are further leveraging the value of this Scholarship by using it as part of a strategy to engage staff in their […]

Reflections on the Nourish Food for Health Symposium: “Building a future where the impact of food on health is understood and valued”

On May 15th and 16th, 2019 over 200 passionate people from across North America came together to discuss strategies, practices, and policies to build a better food culture in healthcare for patients, staff, communities and future generations. These conversations took place at the Food for Health Symposium organized and hosted by Nourish, a multi-disciplinary team […]

Student spotlight: Lindsey Page

We are immensely proud of all our CHA Learning alumni who are making a difference in healthcare. Lindsey Page graduated from our Health Information Management (HIM) Program in 2015 and then went on to complete our Patient-Centred Experience and Design Program (PaCED) in 2018. Lindsey speaks below about the impact of these educational experience on […]

The Importance of Understanding Food Allergies to a Food Service Manager

May is Food Allergy Awareness Month. Many of us know someone who has an allergy to certain foods or may be allergic ourselves. Food allergies have become more prevalent in recent years, and have gained much more attention from the public. Food Allergy Canada is focusing on several key messages for Food Allergy Awareness Month. […]

Government budgets: what they are, why they matter, and how to read them

The first thing to know about reading a government’s budget is that a government budget is not a ‘budget’ in the common sense of the word. You and I might have a personal, family, or business budget that lays out how much we can spend on food, entertainment, luxuries, etc. and still meet our savings […]

A first of its kind: People-Centred Care Leadership Program

As part of Patient Experience Week, CHA Learning is proud to announce our new People-Centred Care Leadership Program which we’ve developed in partnership with Health Standards Organization (HSO). We asked HSO’s Managing Director, Feria Bacchus, to share more about HSO’s People-Centred Care (PCC) philosophy and approach and why they wanted to partner with CHA Learning […]

Is Culture in Long-Term Care Getting in the Way of Progress?

There is recognition that critical changes in healthcare services are needed across the continuum for our aging population, but more specifically within long-term care.  We need to progress from current institutional models of care to more humane and life-affirming social models of living. For this shift to occur we need leaders with confidence to lead […]

From the Outside-In: HIM Professionals as Part of the Healthcare Team

We invited one of our Health Information Management(HIM) faculty, Christina Cole, to share with us her experience of working on new health technology implementations alongside HIM professionals. In our profession, we know that new and innovative technologies are continually being explored and implemented to help make healthcare more efficient and effective, ensuring patients receive the […]

HIM Professionals Week: Celebrating Success Stories

We’re proud to be part of the HIM community! We’re celebrating the critical role HIM professionals play, during #HIPWeek19 – It’s All in the Data – Quality Care through Storytelling. In celebration, we have interviewed some members of our HIM community to get their perspectives on the field and to share their successes. In this first interview, we […]