Group Rates

We believe learning together as a team is important for any organization, which is why we offer discounts to groups from the same organization that enroll in a program or course together. We are proud to offer group discounts for both member and non-member organizations. Please check our member listing to identify if your organization is a member of HealthCareCAN.

If you are enrolling as a group, we also offer ‘closed cohort’ study for no additional fee. This allows a team to move through the program together and provides privacy to discuss complex, confidential issues amongst the group. It also fosters an environment of encouragement and support as the group works through the material together.

As an alternative to the closed cohort option, a group may prefer to enrol in the open-program. This will foster a sense of community for those in the group as they learn alongside others from across Canada who are similarly striving to make improvements in health care.

Our group discounts are outlined in the table below. Please note, however, that member discounts can only be applied when the member organization makes the purchase.

 Non-Member Group Discounts*HealthCareCAN member discounts*
2 people0%5%
3-4 people0%10%
5-9 people5%12.5%
10-15 people7.5%15%
16-20 people10%20%
21 + people12.5%25%

*These rates may not be applicable or used in conjunction with other promotions or discounts.

To take advantage of these discounts please contact us by email at: or give us a call at (toll free): 855-236-0213, Option 1.

Terms and Conditions do apply.

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