A provincial recruitment strategy in New Brunswick introduced Sebastien to Health Information Management

Today is the second day of Health Information Management week and we are happy to share our second story as part of our student showcase, to highlight the stories of our diverse community of learners across Canada.  

Please tune in every day this week, to read about a few of the learners in our Health Information Management Programs and their interesting backgrounds and personal stories. These stories have been personally written by our students so each will reflect their own personalities, values, lives and writing styles.    

Share a short bio about yourself and anything else that makes you unique or that you want people to know about you: 

Student: Sebastien

Stream: Full-Time Year 2 

Age Range: 25-34 

Location: Perth-Andover, NB 

I am a young adult with small family that is currently working part time at a rural hospital. I enjoy reading and traveling when I get the occasion. I also play the piano in my spare time and focus on spending as much time with my family as I can. 

What drew you into the field of HIM and your studies? 

The health authority that I worked for was experiencing a shortage of HIM staff around the province. Therefore, they began a recruitment program about the HIM field and what it entails. They offered to pay for the tuition and allowed me to work part time while taking the program with CHA Learning. The content of the course was very interesting and opened my eyes to a career that I previously knew little about. One of the main things that got my attention was the advancement and development of the HIM career over the last few decades. I knew at once that this kind of field would have multiple options for me in the future. 

Tell us about your professional, academic or other experience prior to beginning your studies in HIM 

I had spent a total of 5 years in post-secondary schools and began my journey in health care as an administrative support. I was unaware of all the options that health care had to offer, even while in school. I have worked in multiple types of administrative departments in health care and even between a few different health authorities. 

Why did you choose to study with CHA Learning?  

I chose to study with CHA Learning because it is an online program. This allowed me to take the course while living in a rural area. There is currently no school in my province that teaches the HIM curriculum. Therefore, CHA Learning was the perfect choice for me. The program is set out in a manner that is very easy to use. Teachers and staff are always available to help, and they have a great reputation. The course outline is also set out in a manner that allowed me to go at my own pace. This was a huge advantage since I could easily manage my course load, my work schedule and my personal life. 

Pick and describe one memorable experience during your education with CHA Learning 

One of my most memorable experiences during the program was when I did one of my coding practicums at a large healthcare facility. It was at this very moment where I was able to apply the knowledge that I had learned in class in a hospital setting. The hands-on experience thoroughly prepared me for the workforce in this field.  The practicum gave me confidence that I would succeed in this career and allowed me to ask questions that helped me understand further then the course itself. 

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