Bridging the Change Leadership Gap

Despite the vast array of change management models available to plan and guide change, most change initiatives fail outright or fail to achieve their full promise. Often this is because the critical factors that impact people are missing or are not appropriately considered. Successful change needs management to plan and organize, and leadership to engage and lead people through the inevitable challenges of change.

Management brings structure and logic; leadership brings creativity and a people focus.

The health care community has noted a lack of change leadership capacity across the health system. Responding to this gap, CHA Learning and Canada Health Infoway partnered to develop an innovative solution tailored to the needs of health care professionals. With Infoway’s success developing a National Change Management Framework and CHA Learning’s success in advancing the achievement of health organizations through educational programs, it was a natural partnership. The result is a health and digital health focused change leadership course that is practical, pragmatic, flexible, online and interactive.

The course is uniquely Canadian, combining the LEADS in a Caring Environment Leadership Framework with Infoway’s Change Management Framework as its foundation. This approach provides leaders with the change leadership capabilities required to successfully lead a sustainable change in today’s complex health care environment.


Change Management

+ Change Leadership    =

Sustained Change


Furthering our collective commitment to bridging the leadership gap, we hosted two Change Management and Change Leadership — A dynamic duo workshops as part of the Infoway Partnership Conferences in Toronto and Calgary. The workshops brought together change leaders from across the country to share and learn from each other. In upcoming posts, we will share valuable change leadership insights from these workshops from the perspective of patients and health care professionals.

In the meantime, let us know what you have experienced as key barriers and enablers of a successful change. Send us a comment, reach out to us on Twitter at @CHA_Learning, or like us on Facebook!

by Sandy Pagotto, Director of Management and Leadership Education, CHA Learning, the professional development division of HealthCareCAN.