Celebrating HIM Faculty Member Kerry Johnson with a new Award

At CHA Learning, our faculty play a key role in our success. Subject matter experts and experienced in their field of work, they lend their knowledge and wisdom to help our students succeed. In the Health Information Management (HIM) Program, our only program that runs on an academic cycle, our faculty play an even more involved role, wholly responsible for the courses they instruct. The HIM program leads learners to a professional certification and an exciting career supporting the health system through high quality health information and data. Our HIM faculty help hundreds of students every year to reach their goals and to graduate with the competencies they require to be effective HIM professionals.

One of our most senior faculty members is Kerry Johnson. Kerry has been with CHA Learning since 2013, when he was asked to come on board to not only teach, but to advise us as we undertook a complete redevelopment of the program. With his Doctorate in Education and many years of leadership experience in the HIM field, Kerry has been an invaluable contributor and advisor over the past seven academic years, and has mentored many students along the way. A graduate of CHA Learning’s HIM Program himself, Kerry has shown unwavering dedication and support to the program. (Note: the CHA Learning HIM program has been in existence, by a number of different names, for about 70 years).

As Kerry retires from his role with CHA Learning this year, we honour him by renaming our annual HIM graduating student of the year award to the Kerry Johnson Academic Excellence Award. This award will be given each year to the HIM graduating student who has both achieved the highest overall academic average and who has completed an outstanding final project. The award winner will receive a certificate and a free enrolment in either our Coding Specialist Program or the first course in our Management Essentials program, to continue their professional development journey. They will also receive a second award as CHA Learning’s graduating student of the year, awarded by the Canadian Health Information Management Association (CHIMA).

Kerry offered the following quote, upon being told that we were renaming this award in his honour:

“When I first signed up for the CHA HIM program via correspondence course in 1981, I had no idea the ultimate journey I was embarking on.  It was the beginning of many years of continuing education in a variety of formats as well as a highly rewarding HIM career in multiple settings.

When the opportunity arose to be a part of HealthCareCAN taking the CHA Learning HIM program to the next level trough the online learning environment, I felt this was a perfect opportunity to put my years of training and experience in education and HIM to work, giving back to the profession through sharing what I had gained over the years;  all because I had enrolled in a correspondence course based in Ottawa.

That CHA Learning has made the decision to name this award in my honour is truly humbling.”

On behalf of the CHA Learning team, we thank you, Kerry!

Dr. Kerry Johnson has over 30 years’ experience in Canada as an HIM professional working in a variety of HIM-related settings and 10 years as a university lecturer. Kerry is a certified HIM professional with the CHIMA, as well as an associate member of the AHIMA. In 2012, Kerry was awarded the CHIMA “Tribute to Excellence” Pinnacle Award, recognizing his leadership and service to the HIM professional in Canada and globally over the course of his career.