Change Leadership and Management – A Dynamic Duo in Action


On November 16, 2017, over 50 change leaders from across Canada came together to hone their skills in leading change and to share their expertise. This one-day workshop, based on the Change Leadership Certificate course, included three main elements:

  • a patient’s perspective on influencing change;
  • the power of storytelling, and
  • open space where participants identified their own change challenges and worked through them as a group.

Even though half of the day was open space the most common response to How would you change the workshop? was “more time for interaction”. Clearly, the ability to engage in person and learn from each other’s experiences was appreciated by the participants.

In addition to the one-day workshop, participants completed a pre-workshop survey so the workshop could be tailored to the groups’ needs.  The survey revealed the following, common themes on why changes have been more or less successful:

One change leader summed up the day this way:

… there was a lot of opportunity for table working. I appreciate getting others’ perspective without awkwardly having to run around trying to partner up! I built a great rapport with my table mates, and the fact that we had a table facilitator meant that the conversation kept flowing productively. I got very good practical strategies for my real life change challenge through the interaction. Also loved the open space session – excellent format, helped with my change challenge and gave me many things to take back to my daily role.

Calgary’s winter weather and road conditions didn’t affect the great energy and engagement at the session, in fact, all participants indicated they would recommend this workshop to others.

If the dedication, passion, energy and patient focus shown in this workshop is an indication of change leaders in healthcare across the country – I am encouraged that meaningful change is possible and as the survey revealed keys to leading change include sharing our experiences and continuously honing our skills.

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