CHA Learning and HealthCareCAN Member Scholarships

For many HealthCareCAN members, the annual CHA Learning Member Scholarship (used towards any CHA Learning program of a Member’s choice ) is one of the most valuable benefits of membership. More and more, members are further leveraging the value of this Scholarship by using it as part of a strategy to engage staff in their own professional development.

When we heard how the the human resource leaders at Western Health (Newfoundland and Labrador) had turned this benefit into a regional success story, we invited them to share a synopsis of their approach for other HealthCareCAN members who may be inspired to take a similar approach.

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We were so excited to extend the CHA Learning Member Scholarship opportunity to our employees!  At Western Health we value our employees and the steps they take to develop themselves both personally and professionally.

We wanted to ensure this opportunity was extended to our employees in the most fair, equitable and non-discriminatory manner and determined that a process similar to our hiring practices would help facilitate such.

We developed an “Expression of Interest” posting (you can view it here) that provided information about CHA Learning and the scholarship opportunity.  The posting also outlined the process for employees to apply.  We asked that employees submit their resume and identify the CHA Learning course they were most interested in completing and how that would contribute to their professional development.  Employees were also asked to outline how the completion of the chosen course would support the organization’s strategic goals.

At Western Health we place great value on personal and professional development because we know it is important to our employees. Providing our staff with learning opportunities helps them understand how much we value their work. We also want to empower our staff to provide safe and excellent care for people in our region,” said Michelle House, Vice-President of Population Health/Human Resources.

Selecting the Scholarship recipient was a very thorough process. This included all members of the senior team at Western Health.  Each application was reviewed individually to determine how the candidate and their chosen course would contribute to professional development and meeting our organizational goals.

This was the first time Western Health has applied such a process for internal opportunities. The process was engaging and supports a learning culture that we strive to foster every day here at Western Health.

Western Health’s Regional Client Relations Manager is completing the Change Leadership Certificate (CLiC).

My ability to complete the course online is instrumental to maintaining my work-life balance. The content is fantastic, support from my continuing education coordinator is key, and the logistical ease of the resources/course materials and navigating the website is excellent. I look forward to applying my learning to support leadership in implementing change and ensuring continuous improvement at Western Health,” said Tara Noseworthy, Regional Client Relations Manager.

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Postscript to this story: Western Health executives believe this process has helped them deliver on their strategic plan and build a positive organizational culture. And because they have had such a positive response to this, both from their employees and from their senior leadership team, they have committed to doing this again in 2019.

Do you or your organization have your own success story about how you have used CHA Learning Membership Scholarship? Have you personally been a recipient in your ogranization and want to share how it has impacted your career? Please contact us, we’d love to publish your story as well.