Faculty Spotlight: Dale Mayerson

Today we are featuring a post from faculty Dale Mayerson. Dale is faculty in our Food Service and Nutrition Management Program and has been a faculty member with CHA Learning for the last 12 years. Why do you enjoy the work you do as faculty? I really enjoy seeing students develop their potential.  Many students […]

Frontline Leadership – Eastern Health Leading the Way!

Strong frontline leaders in healthcare are essential to quality patient care. Eastern Health’s Emerging Leader Program is the first tier of the organization’s leadership development program and explicitly focuses on cultivating the essential knowledge, skills, abilities and behaviors related to fostering relationships and leading inter-professional teams. Using a blended approach to learning, this certificate-based Program […]

Change Leadership and Management – A Dynamic Duo in Action

  On November 16, 2017, over 50 change leaders from across Canada came together to hone their skills in leading change and to share their expertise. This one-day workshop, based on the Change Leadership Certificate course, included three main elements: a patient’s perspective on influencing change; the power of storytelling, and open space where participants […]

How the Coding Specialist Program Equips HIM Professionals with Job-Ready Skills

Canadian healthcare institutions understand that health information management professionals make a critical contribution to healthcare through the collection, maintenance and use of quality data.  Coded data supports decision-making at all levels be they clinical, administrative, financial or research-based.  Assuring organizations can maintain a staff of qualified coders to ensure consistency and a high level of […]

Learning Forward: Benefits of eLearning

Last month talked about what eLearning is, the different forms of eLearning, and how it’s distributed and consumed. Now let’s talk about how it might benefit you. It’s self-directed. Adult learners want to have more control over their learning. In fact, self-directed learning is considered a principle of adult learning theory. Malcolm Knowles described self‑directed […]

Learning Forward: What is eLearning?

My last post talked about lifelong learning and how the commitment to pursuing intellectual development beyond the ‘traditional’ bricks and mortar classroom has real and lasting benefits on your personal and professional development. But there’s a challenge here: Life! We’re busy! Between work, family, and other obligations, it can be hard to find the time […]

Bridging the Change Leadership Gap

Despite the vast array of change management models available to plan and guide change, most change initiatives fail outright or fail to achieve their full promise. Often this is because the critical factors that impact people are missing or are not appropriately considered. Successful change needs management to plan and organize, and leadership to engage […]

Stories from Beyond the Gateway

Janice Hewitt is a recent graduate of our Health Information Management Program who was also one of our award recipients in 2016 for her academic achievement. Not only did she enjoy our online program and the life balance it provided her, but she also now has an exciting new job at London Health Science Centre. […]

Lifelong Learning: Beyond the Classroom

“Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young.” – Henry Ford Learning exists outside the classroom. It’s often assumed that a person’s pursuit of learning ends when they reach the end of a traditional academic track. However, in the past fifty years we’ve seen a dramatic […]

Learning Forward: An Introduction

Welcome to Learning Forward, a new blog series all about the when, the where, the why and the how of eLearning, as it relates to you, a CHA Learning student. My name is Shneay Kazan, and I’m a Learning Specialist with CHA Learning. As an experienced instructional designer, I’m passionate about helping adult learners reach […]