Rhonda chose to study HIM to better understand how all departments in her hospital work together

Today is the fourth day of Health Information Management week and we are happy to share this story as part of our student showcase, to highlight the stories of our diverse community of learners across Canada.    

Please tune in every day this week, to read about a few of the learners in our Health Information Management Programs and their interesting backgrounds and personal stories. These stories have been personally written by our students so each will reflect their own personalities, values, lives and writing styles.      

Share a short bio about yourself and anything else that makes you unique or that you want people to know about you: 

Student: Rhonda  

Stream: Full-Time Year 1 

Age Range: 25-34 

Location: Listowel, ON 

I am a motivated individual who enjoys working. I have always had multiple jobs and enjoy being busy. I recently had my first child, who is 4 months old. We are enjoying the time off, but I am staying busy as a new mom does. I enjoy reading mystery novels in my spare time and learning new things regularly. I enjoy the challenge of the HIM program and love that I constantly am learning new things on a regular basis. 

What drew you into the field of HIM and your studies? 

I started out working as receptionist at a local hospital for the emergency department. I then started wanting to learn how other jobs tied into mine and how our everyday tasks were completed. For my job I scanned all the emergency sheets into the computer, but what happened next?  

A part-time position came up in health records which I applied for. I wanted to better myself at my job by learning how every department worked together. I then learnt about coding and the HIM professionals and wanted to pursue my education and my possible career opportunities in that field.  

Tell us about your professional, academic or other experience prior to beginning your studies in HIM 

Prior to my studies in HIM, I worked as a secretary in real estate for 7 years. At that time, I completed an online medical transcriptionist program which landed me a job at a local hospital. I also worked at a few restaurants and helped a friend at her local baby store. Working 100+ hours a week and enjoying every minute.   

I graduated from the medical transcriptionist program with honours. Back in the day, (right out of high school) I went to college for Office Administration which I also graduated from with honours.  Once I completed a program in the medical field it opened the door for more opportunity for myself. I’m not the type to have one job, and work Monday to Friday 9-5. I enjoy shift work, as well as multiple jobs. I plan to keep my current job, and hopefully pick up a job from home in the coding field at this point in my life. However, as we all know, life can change, and my career choices might be one of those decisions in the future. 

Why did you choose to study with CHA Learning?  

I chose CHA Learning because it was affordable, and I had a recent colleague complete the program. She originally started at a different college doing the HIM program and explained the differences to me. She appreciated the staff and experience of CHA Learning. She said the courses were more complex and she learnt more. It was better bang for her buck. She said the Program Coordinator was super helpful. All the staff responded in a timely manner, and she had to work her butt off. The program was hard she explained, but by far a better learning experience than previous colleges for her.  

I took her advice and weighed out my options. I wanted to do this program while on parental leave, which meant I didn’t want to be doing it in class, and I wanted the flexibility it has with hours.  The whole process so far has been a great learning experience. 

Pick and describe one memorable experience during your education with CHA Learning 

To date, CHA Learning has been understanding and a great help when needed. I recently had my first child and suffered through some complications in which I became hospitalized for a long period of time. This cut into my learning time as well as due dates for assignments.  

I contacted CHA Learning and they were not only understanding but offered constant help if I needed anything. They were able to adjust my deadlines so I could still submit my assignments but kept me in line with not getting too far behind. They were not only looking out for my health but also for my sanity. I will never forget the support and love they showed in a difficult time. The faculty members were understanding and helpful as well as the CHA Learning staff! 

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