Student spotlight: Lindsey Page

We are immensely proud of all our CHA Learning alumni who are making a difference in healthcare. Lindsey Page graduated from our Health Information Management (HIM) Program in 2015 and then went on to complete our Patient-Centred Experience and Design Program (PaCED) in 2018. Lindsey speaks below about the impact of these educational experience on her career.


  1. Why did you choose to study HIM? Tell us your story of how you chose the profession.

I feel that the field of Health Information chose me. I originally studied in the field of Early Childhood Development. Having completed school and looking for work, I replied to an advertisement for an on-call position at my local hospital, in the Admission and Discharge department. On my very first day, working with a 20-year HIM veteran whom I truly felt embodied everything I thought a health professional was, I knew that this was the field I was meant to be in. In the HIM field I could also draw from both my education and experience in Early Childhood Development, as it still allowed me to make a positive difference in people’s lives by contributing to their happiness and wellbeing.


2. How did your studies in the CHA Learning HIM program change your life and career journey?

The CHA Learning HIM program transformed both my life and career journey. This program has helped me build self-discipline, gain confidence, and has expanded my professional network. The CHA Learning HIM program allowed me to gain knowledge which has provided me the ability to achieve great opportunities in my career. I have gone from an Admission and Discharge clerk to a HIM clerk to where I am now, working as a certified HIM professional, full-time and also acting manager. Most recently I’ve been given the opportunity to be mentored in the area of Quality Improvement. Because CHA Learning provides a variety of healthcare learning opportunities, I was able to move from HIM into PaCED and am now exploring further opportunities to expand my knowledge and career opportunities through learning with them.


3. After completing the HIM program, you chose to enrol in our Patient-Centred Experience and Design Program. Tell us about that experience and how the knowledge and skills you gained in this program compliment your HIM knowledge, skills and your work.

Once I completed the HIM program, I chose to continue my education in the healthcare field. I enrolled in CHA Learning’s Patient-Centred Experience and Design Program. I chose this program as it’s where my heart truly lies and the reason why HIM professionals should continue to obtain relevant, reliable, and current knowledge: people. CHA Learning’s Patient-Centred Experience and Design Program taught me practical ways I could implement effective patient and family-centred care and engagement within my organization in a sustainable way.


4. Tell us about career goals and professional development objectives and how you got into the field of quality improvement and patient safety.

My field of work is HIM, but my passion is healthcare delivery and quality, specifically quality improvement and patient safety. Quality improvement and patient safety are non-traditional HIM career paths, but I feel they are a great fit for our skills and knowledge and likewise offer me an exciting and rewarding career. Because of the foundation work I have built through CHA Learning’s HIM program I am now able to broaden my scope of knowledge. The skills HIM professionals have in analyzing and using healthcare data to support evidence-informed decision making make it a natural fit for us.

In quality improvement positions, HIM professionals look at ways of supporting and promoting sustainable improvements within an organization and help to identify opportunities and ways to improve care and patient care experiences. In the study of patient safety, professionals examine ways of making hospitals safer places for healing and exploring ways to sustain safer healthcare which also empower patients as important stakeholders in their care and experience.


5. Tell us about the challenges and the opportunities that living in the North presents, and how online learning can support healthcare professionals to develop, succeed and positively impact the health system?

Being an adult learner – furthering one’s education while working full-time – is challenging. And balancing work and study, while living in a northern community, presents even further challenges. Northern learners often have a lack of professional resources at their fingertips. If you’re unable to learn online, you must leave your community and support system. Balancing work and education is difficult. I was able to manage work and education by having an academic plan, and creating a flexible schedule including time for fun, essentially creating a balance.

CHA Learning’s HIM and Patient-Centred Experience and Design Programs both allowed me to work full-time and study while remaining in my own community. CHA Learning’s online programs are designed to provide students with everything that’s needed to succeed, no matter where you live and work. Not only did I have the support of CHA Learning’s staff and instructors throughout my studies, I also received tremendous support from my workplace to meet my learning goals.

When my direct supervisor learned I was independently completing the online HIM program while still working, she and my organization became so supportive. My organization responded by allocating time for me to fit in school work during my workday. For instance, when I needed help with understanding a coding question, I could do that during the day by leveraging my hospital’s expert coding staff as resources.

In time, I was able to show my appreciation by reciprocating this support back to my organization, by reflecting what I had learned into my daily work and commitment.


6. Is there any final message you want to leave with readers?

You are truly meant for great things in this world. Strive for fulfillment by embracing education. Education is the best investment you can make – because it’s an investment in yourself.


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Lindsey Page is an Early Childhood educator turned HIM Professional, and aspiring Quality Improvement Specialist. Lindsey is passionate about seeing people receive the best care possible through data quality and quality improvement initiatives.

Lindsey is a lifelong learner, motivated to grow and develop both personally and professionally in order to improve the lives of people within her community. When Lindsey isn’t working or studying, she enjoys spending time with family and friends cycling and hiking.