Tax Forms

Are you looking for information on Tax Receipts? Check out our Tax FAQ to get all the details you need.

To access your tax forms, login to the Learning Gateway, and go to My Dashboard. You will see a drop-down menu that will show your available Tax Forms for download. Please note that tax receipts for years prior to 2015 are not accessible for download. If your tax receipt if for a year prior to 2015, you will need to purchase a Duplicate Tax Receipt.

Am I eligible for a Tax Credit?

HealthCareCAN will provide all eligible students with the appropriate tax credit documentation for income tax purposes. HealthCareCAN will issue T2202A Forms or Official Tax Receipts to students who have been in a program or course a minimum of three weeks and paid a minimum of $100.00 in tuition expenses. Please reference the Tuition Tax Credit Schedule for a summary of eligible programs and courses. Students who audit courses or programs are not eligible for tax receipts.

What information is included in my Official Tax Receipt?

On the Official Tax Receipt, you will find your contact information, student ID, the name of the program/course(s) purchased, year of purchase, and the amount paid.

Why am I not eligible for a T2202A Form?

Only programs that are registered with Human Resources and Skills Development Canada are eligible for the T2202A form. You can use the Official Tax Receipt on your income taxes.

For more information on Tax Receipts, please see our Tax FAQ.