Wendy Scott: Celebrating 40 years as an esteemed instructor and advisor with CHA Learning

CHA Learning is pleased to recognize Wendy Scott for 40 years of dedicated service as a valued instructor and advisor in the Food Service and Nutrition Management Program. Wendy has been a faculty member with CHA Learning since early in her career, and has supported hundreds of students over the years. She began as an instructor just after securing her first “big job” as Assistant Director of Dietetics at the Royal Columbian Hospital. Although busy with this new job, Wendy felt that connecting with future Food Service and Nutrition Managers through education would be a fulfilling venture. Above all, she found that she enjoyed the mentorship aspects of the instructor role.

As her professional career evolved, Wendy continued to seek out innovative and interesting work in the field of dietetics in healthcare. She led the design and implementation of a new community hospital kitchen, which opened the door to many career opportunities. These opportunities included roles as Assistant Food Service Director at Royal Columbian Hospital, several clinical positions in long-term care, dietitian with Corrections Canada, and Regional Director of Nutrition for Compass Group. Wendy’s vast experience has always informed her relationships with her students and, in turn, her students have served as a reminder to her that learning never stops. In the fast-paced industry of food and nutrition services, Wendy believes you must stay current to be an effective leader.

Wendy has been with CHA Learning through many changes. When Wendy first started as an instructor, the program was delivered through correspondence:  students would mail their assignments to the faculty, who would then grade the submissions and mail it back to the students. This process took weeks in the mail alone! Not so anymore – and Wendy made the transition to online education easily. Wendy’s students often comment on, amongst many other things, her efficiency and timeliness in supporting them. Wendy is also described as “very kind and helpful” by her students. They believe that “what she teaches is crucial to the care and well-being of everyone”. As Wendy continues her long-standing role as instructor and advisor for the Food Service and Nutrition Management Program, the CHA Learning team is reflecting on Wendy’s contributions to the program and excellence in supporting current and future Food Service and Nutrition Managers across Canada. Ami Whitlock, Chair of our Food Service and Nutrition Management Program, works closely with Wendy. Ami speaks on behalf of the entire CHA Learning team when she says “Wendy is an esteemed and valued faculty member of the CHA Food Service and Nutrition Management Program.  She brings a wealth of knowledge, experience, expertise, and support to her students.  She demonstrates her dedication by striving for excellence in meeting program goals and standards and staying aware of industry changes and trends.  We thank her for her 40 years of service!”

For her part, Wendy shared the following wisdom, which applies to us all: “Continue to learn. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box! Be flexible, experience different positions and locations, and work hard!”

Thank you, Wendy, for your many years of valued contributions to CHA Learning. We look forward to working with you for many more.

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