Guarding Canada’s Health System


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Guarding Canada’s Health System: The History of the Canadian Healthcare Association, 1931 to 2006
By Eleanor Sawyer with the Members of the Working Group on the History of CHA
The Canadian Healthcare Association (CHA) has released a history of the organization to commemorate its 75th anniversary. The book outlines the creation and development of CHA in parallel with the evolution of Canada’s health system between 1931 and 2006. The historical component is divided into four key parts – the early 20th century, 1931 to 1952, 1953 to 1977 and 1978 to 2006. Other chapters focus on various services and programs, CHA’s policy development and advocacy efforts as these evolved throughout its history. There are also brief sketches of people who have led the organization either as board chairs or CEOs. (Includes photos, bibliography and index)

497 pages, 2006 (Softcover)
ISBN 1-896151-23-X