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Our Podcast Series: The HQ

Welcome to The HQ, CHA Learning’s/HealthCareCAN’s podcast series where we explore and discuss the topics relevant to healthcare today. The HQ focuses on the people that make up and lead our complex, adaptive system of healthcare. The HQ is your trusted headquarters as, together, we engage with thought-leaders to learn and understand what matters most to those that lead our health workforce.

Latest Episode

 May 26, 2022Employee and Family Assistance Programs – Do they work?Many in healthcare have heard of or even utilized an Employee Assistance Program, often expanded to Employee and Family Assistance programs, or EFAPs. In this episode of The HQ, we talk with Steve Ashton, Vice-President, People & Organization Development at the IWK Health Centre, about EFAPs. What are EFAPs? Where do they come from? Do […]

Online Network

Our online network, called The Hive, will be a place our community members can connect, network, discuss, share and learn together on a number of healthcare topics. The Hive will be launching in March, so check back soon to learn more and start buzzing!

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Case Studies

Increasing Capacity of Organizational Development Teams – One plus One equals unlimited possibilitiesEastern Health is Newfoundland and Labrador’s largest Regional Health Authority, and is a valued member of HealthCareCAN. Discover how we partnered with Eastern Health to build a frontline leadership development program based on their needs and requirements.

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Community Spotlights

Each month, we profile a special member of our community: a student, alumni, faculty member, or partner. Check out this month’s inspiring story below.

Dave Ludwick“I think the best way for leaders to support each other is to be empathetic. One never knows what a colleague is going through – either personally or professionally. So, taking a moment to place oneself in the shoes of another will go a long way toward supporting a fellow leader.” —Dave Ludwick

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