Talking About Tough Issues (Leadership Express)

Enabling safer, more authentic conversations in healthcare

NEW Leadership Express course


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This course will prepare you to confidently engage in conversations that you might otherwise be dreading or avoiding. Overcome your fear of these conversations by:

  • Grounding the conversations in evidence and working from observation,
  • Valuing other perspectives, seeing the issue from the other side, and
  • Feeling safe expressing what really matters to you.

Equally important is identifying and overcoming the following behaviours that are barriers to effective conversations:

  • reacting
  • judging others adversely,
  • skillfully dancing around/avoiding difficult topics.

Being able to enter into a difficult conversation with the skills taught in this course is vital in healthcare.

Course at-a-glance

  • Delivered online, enrol any time
  • Fully Interactive and visually engaging: You’ll find reality-based scenarios, curated resources and high quality, meaningful content that will keep you motivated to learn
  • Includes five modules: Complete in as little as 2 hours total, on your schedule, at your own pace (in up to a maximum of 3 months)
  • Customized course options available for organization-wide professional development – see Course Options for more details
  • Immediately applicable to your work and personal life

Who should take Talking About Tough Issues (Leadership Express)?


This course is for anyone, at any role level, wanting to gain confidence in having conversations about tough issues. Participants can range from those currently in healthcare education programs to experienced leaders.

Organizations – Groups/teams

Create and support a healthy work culture by enrolling groups or teams to enhance organizational communication. This course is ideal for professional development deployed across an organization.

Learning Outcomes

After completing this course, you will be better equipped to prepare for and engage in challenging conversations. You will develop the capabilities needed to engage with others in ways that are safe, authentic, and meaningful for everyone involved.

There are no awards available for this course at this time. Click here to learn more about student awards.


To be successful in this course, students should meet the following requirements.


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Course Options

Customized solutions to meet your needs

Contact CHA Learning for more information about customizing a program that will support/complement your organization-wide professional development (e.g., online course only, faculty coaching, train the trainer).

Coaching Sessions: Coming Soon

Enrolment Process

There are no application prerequisites for this course. To enrol:

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To achieve a certificate, students must complete all course components.

Course Certificate
CHA Learning will award students a certificate upon successful completion.



  • $145 for Canadians and Australians
  • $170 for International Students

All prices above are listed in CAD.

Please note: Bulk registration discounts are available for groups. Please review the Group Rates information here.


Learning objectives:

  • Practice engaging in challenging conversations that are safer, more mindful and less reactive
  • Articulate and explain what is “true for you” within a conversation
  • Consider the unique perspectives of others and how they might differentiate from your own
  • Recognize your own personal biases and assumptions

This course includes 5 modules covering the following:

  • Module 1: Introduction
    • Key characteristics of a tough issue
    • Conversations on tough issues
    • Enabling safer, more authentic, and more mindful conversations in healthcare
    • Default behaviours that limit conversations
    • Overview of OBREAU
  • Module 2: Grounding the Conversation – Working from Observation
    • Reacting as a default behaviour
    • Working from observation
    • Distinguishing observation from interpretation
    • Recognise our observations as subjective
    • Using language mindfully, to reflect observation
  • Module 3: Seeing it from their side – Attributing Reasonableness
    • Judging others negatively as a default behaviour
    • Attributing reasonableness as actively switching perspectives
    • Imagining others’ realities
    • Using questions mindfully to explore meanings and test our interpretations
  • Module 4: From a deeper place – Speaking with Authenticity
    • “Dancing around/Avoiding” as a default behaviour
    • Speaking with authenticity and what authenticity isn’t
    • Supporting authentic speech with the three-prompt structure
  •  Module 5: Bringing it all together
    • Reviewing and consolidating the major themes introduced
    • Recovering and refocusing when facing unexpected reactions
    • Embedding and developing your practice.