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Applications are now closed. If you are still interested in applying to begin in September 2019, please contact us.

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If you are an Alberta resident wishing to apply for the Full-Time program, please contact CHA Learning to discuss

NEW: Some admission requirements have changed this year. Please review the Requirements section below for more information about changes to the language requirements, and options for students who do not have healthcare experience but do have other professional experience and education.



Health Information Management is a growing profession, positively impacting the availability of high quality health data and information to support the effectiveness of the Canadian health system.

Accredited by the Canadian College of Health Information Management (CCHIM) and recognized by the Canadian Health Information Management Association (CHIMA), the Health Information Management (HIM) program prepares students for roles in health information collection, clinical coding, analysis and reporting, release of information, privacy, electronic records development and management, among others.

Graduates of the program are eligible to write the CHIMA national certification examination.

This program has a flexible online learning model, but does run on an academic schedule. Students do not need to be online on specific dates and times, except for exams.

Full-time program at-a-glance

  • 2-year program with 4 semesters (2 semesters per year)
  • 5-6 courses per semester
  • 1-3 practicums per semester
    • 350 hours/10 weeks over the course of the program
    • First practicum in Year One, Semester One
  • 25-35 hours of study per week
  • A part-time stream is also available for those who cannot commit to a near full-time course of study

Who should take this program?

This program is designed for those who have experience in healthcare or the health sciences, and who wish to pursue a career in health information management. 

Learning outcomes

The HIM program is a comprehensive course of study that prepares HIM professionals in all domains of practice. Learners will complete 5-6 courses concurrently per semester, plus practicums. Please see the Curriculum section for a detailed description of all courses in the HIM program, and an overview of learning outcomes.


The Health Information Management Association of Alberta Legacy Award ($1,000)

  • Bursary awarded annually to the two Alberta resident students in the Health Information Management program, a Year One and a Year Two, with the highest average during the academic year.
  • Donor: The former Health Information Management Association of Alberta as a legacy to their years of work in the field. The board donated a sum of money upon closure, to be set up as a fund for high achieving Alberta HIM students.

MBNU Chapter Student Bursary ($250)

  • Awarded annually to a graduating student residing in Manitoba who has the highest academic standing, is a CHIMA student member and belongs to the Manitoba Nunavut Territory (MBNU) Chapter of CHIMA.
  • Donor: The Manitoba Nunavut Territory (MBNU) Chapter of CHIMA

Click here to read more about our student awards program




 Jessica Schierbeck MPA, BHA, CHIMAbout
 Kerry Johnson, EdD CHIMAbout
 Margaret Penchoff, BA, BHIM, CHIMAbout
 Carolyn GenserAbout
 Dr. Dave LudwickAbout
 Gillian MartinAbout
 Christina Cole, MTM, B.Tech, CBET (c), CETAbout


To be successful in the Health Information Management program, students must meet the following requirements.

Required Documentation for Admission

Admission into the HIM program requires a complete online application package. Partial applications will not be accepted.

When your application fee has been processed (5-7 business days after payment), you will receive an email asking for the following documents:

HIM Application Checklist 


  • Transcripts from all institutions attended that show evidence of admission requirements. If post-secondary transcripts show all required academic prerequisites, the secondary transcript is not required.
  • Must show completion of Canadian Secondary School Diploma or equivalent, and:
    • An English course at minimum grade 12 level; and
    • A science course at the minimum grade 12 level; and
    • A math OR statistics course at the minimum grade 12 level.
  • Academic Upgrading: If you do not meet the academic prerequisites listed above, you may be eligible to complete the following equivalent online courses offered through Algonquin College and CHA Learning:
  • Note: only education completed within Canada or its equivalent will be considered
    • If you completed your education outside of Canada, you must verify and validate the education through services such as the World Education Services. Prospective students may also contact their local college or university for more information on credential evaluation services.

Language – updated for 2019 applications 

Students must be proficient in English (reading, writing and speaking).

All applicants who do not have a minimum of Canadian grade 12 English or equivalent must prove English proficiency, at or above the following standards:

  • Canadian Academic English Language Assessment (CAEL) within a minimum 70 overall band
  • Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) Internet Based Testing (IBT) with a minimum score in the following sections:
    • Writing: 24
    • Reading: 20
    • Listening: 20
    • Speaking: 25
  • Canadian Language Benchmark Assessment (CLBA) with a score of 8 in all sections
  • International English Language Testing Systems (IELTS) Academic Testing minimum bands in the following sections:
    • Writing: 7
    • Academic Reading: 7
    • Listening: 6
    • Speaking: 6

Letter of Intent

A 500-word letter describing:

  • your interest in the field of HIM and this program,
  • why you are a good fit for the field,
  • why you will be successful in our program,
  • anything else we should know that makes you a strong candidate.

Professional resume

  • Demonstrating evidence of healthcare work experience (whether present-day or previous; may be unpaid experience)
    • Healthcare experience is strongly preferred. Other professional experience will be considered only if the applicant has post-secondary training and sufficient experience deemed to be transferrable. In this case, the applicant must use the PLAR application.
  • HIM experience is preferred but not necessary

Recommendation letters (2)

  • Two recent professional or academic letters of recommendation attesting to your ability to succeed in a healthcare profession, the field of HIM, and in an online academic program. These letters must be must be written by someone who has supervised or evaluated you in a professional or academic setting. Personal references will not be accepted.

Student Support Agreement (for full-time students ONLY)

  • Proof you have arranged a practicum site for the duration of your studies, signed off by the practicum supervisor who must be a certified HIM professional.
  • Student Support Agreement

PLAR Applications (Optional)

Applicants with previous academic experience that matches courses in the HIM curriculum may apply for course exemptions.

Applicants who do not meet the healthcare experience requirements may have their post-secondary education and other professional experience considered.

To have your prior learning and/or professional experience considered by CHA Learning, the following must be submitted in addition to the application documents listed above:


The $195.00 PLAR fee is required for review of your previous education and work experience. The cost includes the application fee.

PLAR Application Form

PLAR Application Form


You must provide a transcript showing successful completion of the courses you are requesting exemptions from, including the final grade.

Course Descriptions and/or Syllabus

Provide information pertaining to:

  1. Must show the school and program in which the courses were taken
  2. Detailed information about all topics and units studied within the course, including weekly outline if available
  3. Course evaluation format (exams, assignments, projects etc.)
  4. The number of course hours, if applicable

McMaster University

Graduates of the McMaster University Centre for Continuing Education’s Health Information Management certificate and diploma may be eligible for exemptions from CHA Learning’s HIM program. Active students in McMaster’s Diploma PLUS program may take CHA Learning’s coding courses (prerequisites required). Please contact us for more details.

Student CHIMA Membership

The HIM program requires students to purchase a study membership for CHIMA (approx. $35). This will grant you access to the CHIMA site and many important professional resources. CHA Learning will provide sign-up details at the beginning of the program.


Students must have basic computer knowledge and internet navigation skills; and access to a computer with Windows 7 or higher.

Please note:

  • Students choosing to use Mac or Linux operating system must have experience using alternate remote access software.
  • CHA Learning staff can only assist Windows operating system users and provide technical support in relation to our website; we do not provide technical support for internet and/or basic computer use.

Other technical requirements:

CHA Learning Technical Requirements
Screen Resolution800×600 (minimum); 1024×768 (recommended)
Internet BrowsersThe most recent version of one of the following:

Google Chrome
Internet Explorer
Microsoft Edge
Plug-insPop-up blocker: disabled
Java Script: Enabled
Cookies: Enabled
Internet Connection Broadband (cable or DSL) connection required
SoftwareWord processing software, Adobe Reader
Recommend knowledge and comfort using Microsoft Excel

Application Process

Note: If you are an Alberta resident who wishes to apply to the full-time stream of the HIM program, please review the Alberta Applicants tab. All other Canadian residents may follow the steps below.

Applying for the HIM program begins with submitting an application fee. Please follow the instructions below:

  1. Purchase an application fee.
  2. You have two options for applying:
    • A standard application ($95 for Canadian students, and $150 for international students), or
    • A PLAR application ($195 for all applicants—see below for information about PLAR)
  1. Create an account if you are new to CHA Learning, or sign in to your existing account
  2. Complete the Billing Information page
  3. Enter your payment information, accept the terms and conditions, and make your payment
  4. Within seven business days, you will receive an email with instructions for uploading your application documents
  5. After submission a formal review of your application will be completed within 3 – 4 weeks


Students are provided a final grade for each course taken.

Each course in the program includes assignments, discussions, a mid-term and a final exam.

Practicums form a mandatory component of the program. Students are marked on a pass/fail basis for this requirement.

To receive a program certificate, students must:

  • Complete all practicums
  • Achieve 50% on each section of their final examinations
  • Pass each course with 50% and program overall with 60%

Program Certificate 

Students receive a program certificate in Health Information Management issued by HealthCareCAN upon successful completion of the course.


Graduates of the Health Information Management program are eligible for credits toward the Bachelor of Health Administration degree at Athabasca University.



Tuition rates differ depending on the number of courses being taken in each semester.

Please note:

  • Save $100 off tuition costs for full-time studies when you apply before June 12, 2019.
  • Students who receive Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR) exempting them from multiple courses in a single semester may be eligible to pay a reduced tuition price. Contact for more information.

Full-Time Program (3+ courses per semester)

  • $1,645 per semester for Canadians
  • $1,850 per semester for International Students

Textbooks and resources cost approximately $1,500 for Canadian students (for the whole program); shipping, handling and taxes will be added to the cost for international students.

Please note: due to inflation, the prices listed above may increase year over year.

All prices listed above are in CAD.


The Health Information Management program runs on an academic cycle, with semesters running from September-December, and January-May.

Courses are only available once per academic cycle and must be completed in the following order. Course loads cannot be customized.

Health Information Management Program Outcomes

Please review the Program Outcomes document for more details

Full-Time Year One

Semester One

Semester Two

101 Anatomy and Physiology201 Anatomy and Physiology
102 Medical Terminology 202 Medical Terminology
103 Pathophysiology203 Pathophysiology
104 Introduction to Health Information Management 204 Health Information Management
105 Healthcare in Canada207 Health Law and Risk Management
150 Practicum (35 hours)210 Coding
250 Practicum (35 hours)
252 Practicum (35 hours)
255 Practicum (70 hours)

Full-Time Year Two

Semester One

Semester Two

304 Introduction to Data Analysis404 Advanced Data Analysis
308 Epidemiology410 Coding
309 Quality Management 413 Health Informatics
310 Coding 414 Management of Health Information Services
311 Research Methods and Design415 Principles of Health Service Management
312 Healthcare Statistics 450 Practicum (35 hours)
350 Practicum (35 hours)452 Practicum (35 hours)
455 Practicum (70 hours)



Note: Regulations around practicums differ for full-time Alberta students. See the Alberta Applicants tab for more information.

The practicum component is a mandatory part of the HIM program.

Important to note

Successful applicants will be required to submit vaccination requirements and a police record check upon admission. These documents are a requirement for practicum placements. More information will be provided upon acceptance.

Please do not acquire records and/or updated immunizations prior to acceptance and instructions from CHA Learning. There may be a charge for criminal record checks, and this is the responsibility of the student.

Alberta Applicants

The information below is specific only to Alberta residents applying for the full-time Health Information Management program. It does not apply to Alberta residents applying for the part-time stream, nor prospective students (part-time or full-time) living outside of Alberta.

Practicum Regulations

Regulations around practicums operate differently in the province of Alberta than in other areas across Canada:

  • Alberta applicants do not have to arrange a practicum in advance
  • CHA Learning will request practicums, on behalf of eligible applicants, to Alberta Health Services and Covenant Health
  • Upon confirmation from AHS/Covenant Health, the student will be fully accepted

Application Process
Application checklist for Alberta students

The HSPnet consent form can be accessed here

HSPnet is the system that CHA Learning will use to request a placement for the student. This form authorizes CHA Learning to use the system on the student’s behalf and to share student information with Alberta Health Services and/or Covenant health. In order for CHA Learning to request placements for students in Alberta, this sign must be submitted with the application.

Important Application Dates (for 2019-2020 Academic Year)

March 20, 2019Application Fee Payment Deadline
March 27, 2019Application Submission Deadline
April 2019Conditional Acceptance letters are sent to Alberta students
July 2019Formal Acceptance/Rejection letters are sent out based on placement confirmation by AHS/Covenant Health
July 24 2019Tuition Payment Deadline (late fee applied to payments received after this date)

Important to note

Successful applicants will be required to submit vaccination requirements and a police record check upon admission. These documents are a requirement for practicum placements. More information will be provided upon acceptance.

Please do not acquire records and/or updated immunizations prior to acceptance and instructions from CHA Learning. There may be a charge for criminal record checks, and this is the responsibility of the student.

Important Dates

The following information is specific to the 2019-2020 academic year.

March 20 2019Application Fee Payment Deadline Alberta students
March 27 2019Application Submission Deadline Alberta students
April 2019Conditional Acceptance letters are sent to Alberta students
May 8 2019Early Application Fee Payment Deadline: Guarantees we will be able to review your application in time for you to be eligible for the early-admission payment deadline
June 12 2019Early Admission Payment Deadline - $100 early bird discount applied to tuition payments made by this date
July 11 2019 Application Fee Payment Deadline
July 8 2019 Textbook Orders Open
July 17 2019Application Submission Deadline
July 24 2019Tuition Payment Deadline (late fee applied to payments received after this date)
July 2019Formal Acceptance/Rejection letters are sent out based on placement confirmation by AHS/Covenant Health for Alberta students
August 5 2019Late Application Document Submission Deadline
August 7 2019Textbook Order Deadline
September 3 2019 Academic year and Fall Semester begins
November 26 2019Tuition deadline for winter semester, late fee applied to payments received after this date
Early December 2019Semester One Final Examinations
January 3, 2020Winter Semester begins
Early May 2020Semester Two Final Examinations
Jun 1 2020Academic Year Ends

Applications are now closed. If you are still interested in applying to begin in September 2019, please contact us.

contact us